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Link together thousands of Direct Connect users from any type of hub with IRC users from any server or channel

DC-hublink is a standalone program that can non-intrusively hook up to any Direct Connect hub and IRC channel without anything else needed

It will link main chat of all hubs connected, so a larger virtual chat hub is formed. With the default built-in functionality of filtering kick and ban messages, and operator and user commands, it only relays genuine chat commands. Not online users (scripted bots, fake nicks) will not be relayed either

DC-hublink allows you to:

DC-hublink will spare you from:

DC-hublink will automatically:

DC-hublink will work with any IRC server and channel, as well as any hub that supports Direct Connect's NMDC and ADC protocol, but has been explicitly tested with the following hubsofts:

To get the latest version of DC-hublink, please visit the download page

DC-hublink is developed by KoningLat